eZ Publish Development and Support Services

  • reduce costs of eZ Publish workload?
  • maximize the efficiency of your existing eZ Publish team by letting them focus only on the most important, high priority, high value tasks?
  • cover occasional increase in eZ Publish workload?
  • you want to explore a new opportunity where you would need your best in-house people involved but you can't find a way to free them enough time and don't want to hire and train a new eZ Developer only for this
  • you may want to expand or optimize your business and benefit from the opportunity to outsource in Romania.
  • you have improvements or bugs that already hangs for too long in the to-do list and need to be addressed

then a starting business relation in which you would outsource regularly or occasionally eZ Publish work to WebSoftix may be a good solution for you.
Contact us to evaluate the opportunity of working together.

  • XHTML to eZ Publish templates, any template work
  • porting sites to eZ Publish, help defining how to organize existing content in eZ Publish classes
  • upgrade eZ Publish based sites to last version of eZ Publish and solve eventual problems in custom extensions
  • implement new, extend existing, debug and fix custom code for datatypes, events, template operators, eZPersistentObject based custom classes
  • cronscripts for various needs (for ex. process content objects and generate dedicated caches as PHP or JavaScript files with ready to use arrays to speed up public interfaces)
  • scripts to easy apply changes made on classes, content, roles to production sites with minimum downtime
  • generate custom PDF reports and graphics from existing data

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Certified Developers

  • VC-eZcertification
  • Marius-Gruiosu-EZCertification